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Uplevel your skills with our most popular courses to increase your efficiency and advance your career in record time.

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Job Search Crash Course

This FREE course is the only thing you'll need to supercharge your job search. You'll immediately get 4 slick resume templates upon registration, which will be followed up by 9 lessons on where to find jobs, getting referrals, optimizing your resume and cover letter, interview prep, and salary negotiation. It's taught by Rahul Desai, General Manager of Operators (BizOps + CoS Networks).

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Gmail Productivity: Getting to Inbox Zero

Email is the most commonly used application in business, and as you become more senior, you’ll only get more emails. Learn to skyrocket your email productivity in Gmail with lessons taught by Rahul Desai, General Manager of the BizOps and Chief of Staff Networks.

Making Vendor Selection Pain-Free

Making Vendor Selection Pain-Free

Vendor selection is one of the most important skills of our time, giving savvy operators the ability to control costs, guide how their colleagues get work done, and drive efficiency in their business. Learn to pick vendors like a pro, by utilizing the tools and techniques built to deploy over $300,000 on vendors by Operators General Manager Rahul Desai.

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Cold Outreach: How to Get Cold Sales Right

Learn the art and science of convincing strangers to do what you want with the course that teaches you how to navigate cold outreach and sales in the modern workplace, taught by Rahul Desai, General Manager of the BizOps and Chief of Staff Networks.

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Uplevel your skills with our most popular courses to increase your efficiency and advance your career in record time.

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The leading professional community for Chiefs of Staff globally that has supported hundreds of Chiefs of Staff in developing their careers with a private job board, networking, live & virtual events and a knowledge hub with hundreds of resources produced by members of the community.

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A powerful community of business operators working together to drive their teams forward with guides and courses, a confidential helpline you can call for any business or career needs, and a network of BizOps professionals to learn with.

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